September reset

Dry hair is the number one issue we face come September. My best buddy Scott Alan always recommends me to treat parched hair with a pre rinse of apple cider vinegar followed by a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner. Apply the moisturizer where  sun damaged hair needs it most.. from the mid-shaft thru the ends 

Hair can be hydrated and balanced with  Honey , avocado, castor oil, olive oil, aloe, egg whites, lemon. Which can be combined and made into masks depending on your hair care needs.  Check out the fridge for your next home made product 

Okay I'm sure you all know about "it's a 10" well... if you don't know, now you know. 

Argan, Moroccan, Avocado, Olive ... a little oil goes a long way! Try to avoid items with alcohol 

As for your beauty regime..

Your skin needs to be super hydrated from the inside out! So start with 8-10 glasses of water a day. 

Masks, masks, masks

Invest in yourself ! Facial treatment mask by SKII is the best! Super hydrating after damage from the sun (spf please!) there is also the  Lancome Visionnaire Nuit Beauty Sleep Night mask that is to die for! Omg my skin loves this thirst quencher. If you have to go with a DIY then go with an egg yoke, avocado, aloe & cucumber homemade mask. Finished off with a some Micro Night Riche by Neocutis. 

Mud is often used to detoxify and tone skin and is used as an anti-inflammatory agent,  so I always love to use a mud mask within my routine. 

Okay, exfoliating is key during and after summer, lots of fish scales to remove. Let's go with a mechanical or chemical exfoliator. There are your acids, alpha, beta, glycolic and salicylic then there are your microderms and scrubs (please be gentle!) 

Barrier repairing products are key to keeping your skin from further damage. 

Hyper pigmentation will be at an all time high while your glow fades. Make sure to spot treat with some of my favorite brand of brightening serums; Vitamin C, CE ferulic acid & alto defense. Brightening masks weekly also help tremendously. 

Most importantly, spf should be used and reapplied throughout the day, all winter long! 

Just one of those days

I said to my husband "bring home wine, or don't come home at all!" It's just one of those daysss

All within a short 1 hour, so much can happen. I had a Skype interview and my neighbor was kind enough to take the kids for the half hour of my interview. That definitely makes things easier. I had to coordinate my schedule and her schedule plus the interview in order to make things work... Great all set!  

I drop the kids 5 minutes before the interview and head upstairs. After being prepared and prepped hair and makeup ready I wait for the skype call.... 

Reminder, being a mother of two, one which is a dirty toddler with u limited energy, hair and makeup is a difficult task while she's getting into something she shouldn't be.  

  So after waiting like a deer in headlights in front of the FaceTime screen, 15 minutes passed and no call. Ok not today! 

I go back down to my neighbor to pick up my kids. We chat for a few minutes before getting the call from the Grocery delivery guy saying he's at my door. I go to grab my daughter and she's covered in permanent marker (green) on her eyes and lips (makeup) and drew all over my neighbors white door!  

And... I'm too tried to finish the story!  

Beauty in Italia

Driving cross country in Italy... It really refreshes your take on beauty. My eyes are reopened and refreshed.   This morning while in Ravello, on the Amalfi Coast I woke up taking in views that actually brought me to tears. I was so overwhelmed by the beauty this country has to offer that I couldn't help but to thank God for my ability to see. That moment helped me to realize just how blessed I am. From time to time I try to remind myself to take a mental photo of all the beauty this world has to offer. Today, don't forget to look in the mirror, look at your children or look out the window at the sun and be thankful for all the beauty your able to see! 

Ravello, Italy

Ravello, Italy

Oh St. Valentine thank you for the Chocolate & it's beauty benefits!

Oh St. Valentine thank you for the Chocolate & it's beauty benefits!

St. Valentine's Day is the perfect day for chocolate! But when reaching for your favorite piece, try to keep 2 things in mind

1) 70% or more cocoa content

2) 2-3 ounces per week


We have all heard that dark chocolate is good for the heart but recent research shows how chocolate is healthy for your skin as well.


The cocoa in chocolate can help reduce hormones caused by stress, in turn this helps to minimize collagen breakdown leading to less wrinkles.




Flavonols in Chocolate are antioxidants that your skin uses to protect itself from UV damage.  The sun damage definitely promotes aging.


Flavonols also help to fight free radicals and increase circulation.


Flavonols have also been linked to promoting skin hydration and thickness.


If the winter blues are getting to your skin you can prepare a cocoa/coconut oil/brown sugar body scrub, even your Valentine will appreciate!

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Got to love the groundhog

Thanks again Punxsutawney Phil for predicting early spring!!! You made this NY winter more bearable! Although I am looking forward to my lightweight summer moisturizer and lots of sunscreen, I am still trying to stay hydrated! The forced hot air is the worst for skin, dry skin especially! Try Beautycounter Lustro face oils & nourishing cleansing balm.


Did you relax yet today? Get off your device! Are you overwhelmed with day to day activities? parenting, work and upkeeping your home? It's like and endless task that's never completed! Thank goodness for apartments rather then houses! The luxury of leaving suburbia for the city! I challenge you to unplug in the bath (extra steamy) with some indie rock, bubble bath #jomalone of course and some of your favorite vino (considering your not Preggo (I hear 1 glass is ok?) go ahead! Let me know how it goes...


January relay

Getting through January. It's getting cold out in NYC! Did you notice the stretch in your dehydrated skin? Or the dry patches on your cheeks? How about those shins? Well that's where I can help! here is a quick fix on what you'll need.  

1) Lustro facial oils

2) Lustro body oil

3) Countertime nourishing cleansing balm

these products could be added into your current regime or completed with a Beautycounter Regime!  

And if you'd like to add a little bit of complextion flawlessness you can add the Dew skin tinted moisturizer. 

Welcome 2016

Welcome 2016! Is everyone ready for a new year new you? Let's see how long we can keep our new year resolutions for! I'm interested to learn of everyone's resolutions. Mine are:

1) lose the baby weight (it's about time). 

2) look the part

3) be a better person, it always helps to strive for this daily

4) reunite with my spirituality

keeping the list short so I have several back up plans in the event I fail! Ha!