Oh St. Valentine thank you for the Chocolate & it's beauty benefits!

St. Valentine's Day is the perfect day for chocolate! But when reaching for your favorite piece, try to keep 2 things in mind

1) 70% or more cocoa content

2) 2-3 ounces per week


We have all heard that dark chocolate is good for the heart but recent research shows how chocolate is healthy for your skin as well.


The cocoa in chocolate can help reduce hormones caused by stress, in turn this helps to minimize collagen breakdown leading to less wrinkles.




Flavonols in Chocolate are antioxidants that your skin uses to protect itself from UV damage.  The sun damage definitely promotes aging.


Flavonols also help to fight free radicals and increase circulation.


Flavonols have also been linked to promoting skin hydration and thickness.


If the winter blues are getting to you & your skin you can prepare a cocoa/coconut oil/brown sugar body scrub, even your Valentine will appreciate!