Just one of those days

I said to my husband "bring home wine, or don't come home at all!" It's just one of those daysss

All within a short 1 hour, so much can happen. I had a Skype interview and my neighbor was kind enough to take the kids for the half hour of my interview. That definitely makes things easier. I had to coordinate my schedule and her schedule plus the interview in order to make things work... Great all set!  

I drop the kids 5 minutes before the interview and head upstairs. After being prepared and prepped hair and makeup ready I wait for the skype call.... 

Reminder, being a mother of two, one which is a dirty toddler with u limited energy, hair and makeup is a difficult task while she's getting into something she shouldn't be.  

  So after waiting like a deer in headlights in front of the FaceTime screen, 15 minutes passed and no call. Ok not today! 

I go back down to my neighbor to pick up my kids. We chat for a few minutes before getting the call from the Grocery delivery guy saying he's at my door. I go to grab my daughter and she's covered in permanent marker (green) on her eyes and lips (makeup) and drew all over my neighbors white door!  

And... I'm too tried to finish the story!